Native app design for solo Travelers


1. Overview

The Problem

Online daters have processes in place to ensure their safety when meeting dates for the first time. When traveling, those processes aren’t always accessible due to a new environment and proximity of their loved ones and support system.

The solution

Conci is an app for solo travelers to identify unsafe areas, read crowdsourced travel recommendations, update loved ones, meet new friends while traveling, and have access to an emergency guide when in unsafe situations.

My role

  • Competitive Research

  • User Interviews | Surveys

  • Affinity Mapping

  • Wireframing | UI | Prototyping

  • Branding


  • Pen & Paper

  • Google Surveys

  • Sketch

  • InVision

  • Adobe Illustrator



2. Research


  • Surveys

  • User Interviews

  • Online Dating Competitor Research

  • Legal Research (HIPAA, Consent Contracts)

  • Travel/Safety Competitor Research

  • Affinity Mapping

  • Feature Prioritization Survey

Phase 1

Through surveys and interviews with online daters, ages 19-38, we found that most people already had safeguards in place when meeting and/or sleeping with new people.

The Shift

In our first conversation with the client, she told us that she thought of the idea of a safe sex and dating app while traveling alone through China. She was using one of the more popular dating apps and realized there was no way for her to verify the background or STD results of a potential partner. Since we weren’t able to validate those initial features, we proposed the idea of a safety app for travelers. Our client supported the idea, and thus began our second phase of research.

Phase 2

In our second week, we focused our research in finding the needs of solo travelers. Through interviews, surveys, affinity mapping, and a prioritization survey we identified 6 key features:

Feature Icons 1.png
Feature Icons 2.png

3. Challenges


When we were first approached by our client, she wanted us to help her design an app called SmartDate. This app would feature STD info swapping, ID/background checks, and consent contracts. Through our research, we found that some of these features had potential legal issues and overall, that users did not want or need these things.


We were able to spin the requested app features to focus more on safety. A conversation with the client revealed that she first thought of this app while traveling, so we thought of a new way to spin the app so that we could focus on features for solo travelers.




  • App Mapping

  • Wireframing

Our first step was to structure our brand new app with an app map. To ensure the best possible flow throughout the app, we combined health resources and emergency contacts under ICE (In Case of Emergency), and placed the location services under the Map feature, leaving us with five options in the bottom toolbar:

Forums, Maps, Travel Buddy Finder, ICE, and My Account.

Conci.App Map.png
First Iteration Wireframes

First Iteration Wireframes


4. Creating a Brand


  • Design Studios

  • Style Guides

  • UI Design

  • App Naming

  • Logo Design


  • Sketch

  • InVision

  • Adobe Illustrator

UI Design

In order to communicate fun, trust, and safety to our users, we focused on a blue color palette, modern typography, and familiar iconography in the UI Design.

After presenting our client with 4 different options for color palettes and typography, we combined the typography from the first option, and the color scheme from the second option to create our final style guide.


In addition to creating a minimum viable product, we were also tasked with naming and creating a logo for the app.

Inspired by the feeling of looking out the window of a plane en route to a new adventure, the vast expanse of the sky, and the sense of trust felt within a community; we thought of dozens of names and possible logos. Pairing down to 3 names and 3 logos, we presented the options to the client for the final say.

We settled on the third option, with the name Conci, derived from the word Concierge, and an airplane window logo.


5. The Prototype

Flow 1 - Forums, Maps, Location sharing, & Emergency Contacts


Flow 2 - Find A Travel Buddy


6. Next Steps

User testing

With the short timeframe of this project and the setback of starting research on a new demographic, we were not able to test our prototype with users and create new iterations. Testing would further validate our features and ensure an intuitive interface.

Influencer interface/profile

Influencers, like Gluten Free Gabby, are a helpful way to monetize the app. These influencers would have additional tools in addition to the validated features, requiring either a profile section or a different view/interface.

Building out additional features

This app is very robust, and has 6 very important features. In our one week of designing, we were able to show the maps, forums, and find a travel buddy features. Moving forward, we would build out the location sharing, health resources, and emergency contacts/alerts further.